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Grooming Bag Sparkle Gold

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Grooming bag Sparkle Gold

Grooming bag Sparkle Gold is the perfect bag to take your brushes with you without any problems. Thanks to the many extra compartments on the grooming bag, you can store many extra things in it, such as your spurs or gloves. A handle is attached on both sides so that you can easily lift the bag and carry it with you. You can also attach the included longer handle to the bag. With this you can wear it around your shoulder so you can have your hands free for other things.

Glitter fabric

You will definitely stand out with the Sparkle Gold grooming bag. The outside is made of an excellent quality glitter fabric. The bag sparkles enormously in the sun! The glitters are incorporated into the fabric in such a way that they cannot fall off. As a result, you can easily wash the bag in the washing machine at 30°C.

Meaning color Gold

Are you going for the gold glitter grooming bag? We have found out for you what the colour gold means!
Gold is warmth, brilliance and prosperity. Gold sparkles and radiates luxury. Gold stands for inner wisdom, relaxes and gives security. 

Most important features:

- Excellent glitter fabric, glitter can't come off
- Machine washable at 30°C
- Extra pocket, handy for spurs and/or gloves
- Handles to carry your bag
- Option to attach extra long handle

Does this suit you? Order quickly before your glitter grooming bag is already sold out.
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